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Finally Fall

Finally Fall

              Personally, fall is my favorite time of year. It is also the time of year that represents the beginning of end-of-the-year holiday marketing, an extremely important time for brands. This is a time for brands to rethink their strategies and target their audience through the changing season and upcoming holidays. Here are a few examples of creative fall marketing campaigns and why they work.

               Over the past few years, Hershey has come up with Halloween themed marketing campaigns for one of their most popular products, Kit-Kat. Of course this seems like a no-brainer for a candy company, but recently they have taken an edgier approach to marketing this delicious product. In 2016, their Halloween campaign drew people in by emphasizing awkward situations to create comedy. This approach is great because it keeps the viewers entertained and thinking about the product throughout the entire ad. In addition, they have created campaign geared towards Generation Z and Millennials – with Halloween commercials starring Chance the Rapper. The idea to use Chance, a widely popular musician, came to Hershey when they recently learned that much younger generations were the majority of consumers buying the 81-year-old product. Hershey found a way to target a specific audience and use the upcoming season to sell their product and so far it has been a hit.

               Dunkin Donuts is another food brand that is focused on the fall season. For some, fall means cider and changing of the leaves, but Dunkin Donuts knows for their customers fall means pumpkin spice. That’s why this year they based their campaign on releasing their pumpkin coffee earlier than ever. The company has already seen a significant benefit from this, according to CNBC , the company has reported better-than-expected earnings for seven-straight quarters and introducing these limited time products slightly early this season has given them even more of a boost.

               Krispy Kreme, another doughnut brand, has also tapped into the fall spirit but through a different approach. To boost brand awareness and hopefully gain more customers, Krispy Kreme decided to capitalize on daylight savings by coming up with their “Lose An Hour, Gain A Doughnut!” idea. This promotion attempts to thrust the doughnut brand to the front of consumers’ minds while simultaneously easing the effect of losing an hour of the day. Single day promotions might not be the most lucrative of campaigns, but in this case it put people in a good mood and reminded them that Krispy Kreme actually cares about their customers. In fact, these single-day promotions have become a mainstay of Krispy Kreme’s marketing and branding strategy because they are easy to execute and have brought only positive attention to the brand.

               With the start of fall upon us, consumers are looking to be engaged in the season. For brands, it is important to cater to autumn trends that resonate with their audiences whether that is through specific generational targeting, the release of certain fall-themed products, or campaigns that focus on a certain seasonal changes, like daylight savings. So, if brands want to keep consumers happy, they should breathe in the crisp air, and concentrate on the upcoming season.