Over the weekend Hurricane Harvey started making its way through Texas and has just begun to slow down. This devastating storm has already killed at least five people and injured many more, making it the worst hurricane/tropical storm Texas has seen in ages. Since this natural disaster struck, people all over the United States are coming together to make donations and raise awareness for the people of Houston. In fact, individuals are not the only ones getting involved, certain brands are also taking action and coming up with ways to support the victims of this terrible storm. Here is a look at what some of those brands have come up with.

              Chobani, America’s leading Greek Yogurt brand, announced that they will be supporting Texas and its residents by packing up trucks with Chobani products and distributing it to those in need. Hamdi Ulukaya, the CEO and founder of Chobani, tweeted “thinking of our friends & communities across Texas. Team Chobani is loading up trucks now. Time for all of us to do our part… #harvey.”  PepsiCO, which includes brands like Pepsi and Gatorade, is taking a different route and pledging to donate $1 million to the American Red Cross. Chairman and CEO, Indra K. Nooyi, stated that PepsiCo is very focused on helping people in need during this difficult time.  

              Non-food and drink brands are stepping up as well. United Airlines is encouraging customers to donate to the Harvey relief by offering bonus miles. More specifically, any of the United airline rewards members that donate at least $50 to the Red Cross will get up to 250 bonus miles, and those who donate more can get up to 1,000 bonus miles. Verizon is another brand that has jumped at the opportunity to help out. Recently the wireless brand announced that they will offer customers in certain areas of Texas with data relief between August 26 and September 8. Meaning that any customers (in the covered areas) who go over their data limit will get the entire amount credited back to their account. Lastly, Walmart sent 795 truckloads of supplies to Texas, per a tweet from the brands action account, “Update: We’ve shipped 795 emergency truckloads of supplies, mainly water to S. TX & 1700 truckloads are due to arrive in the next week!”

         Harvey has hit Houston much worse than anyone expected, it has completely destroyed parts of the city and we do not even know the full extent of the damage yet. Although this has been a quite the tragedy, it is reassuring to see brands take action and try to help in as many ways as possible.