If you have been listening to the news recently, you know that last week Amazon bought Whole Foods Market Inc. for $13.7 billion. This deal will no doubt change the landscape of the grocery business since Amazon is the country’s biggest online retailer and none of the Whole Foods’ direct competitors will be able to match Amazon’s technological power, but how will this merge affect the restaurant industry? Probably not as much as one would think. This deal is going to push the industry, but towards an area that it is already going. If you look at whole foods, it has already taken some share from the restaurant industry, for example some of their stores look more like food halls than grocery stores, and Amazon’s new ownership can only strengthen that competitive edge, but the restaurant industry is so large and diverse that it should be able to adapt. Also, a lot more restaurant sales are going to start coming through apps, with either a third party provider or from the companies themselves. According to a Euromonitor study, online restaurant sales were $12 billion in 2016. Although that is only about 2.2 percent of all overall restaurant industry sales, it is still something. So even though many consumers and employees who are part of the restaurant industry are worried about a giant tech company buying a food company, restaurants have already started to move in the tech direction, and this merger will only encourage restaurants to continue to do more of their business online.