With the first week of December behind us people everywhere are getting in the holiday spirit. This spirit is not only seen in city streets lined with Christmas trees, or the ugly holiday sweaters being worn by people of all ages, but it is also seen in imaginative ad campaigns of all kind. Below are a few examples of creative and festive ads that marketers have come up with for this holiday season.

               Spotify, the very popular music streaming service, is helping consumers get ready for the New Year with their “2018 Goals” campaign. The streaming company has created billboards that focus on fun and funny user data that they present as “#winning behavior from 2017 that should serve you well in 2018.” For example one of the billboards states, “Be as loving as the person who put 48 Ed Sheeran songs on their “I Love Gingers” playlist.”  This campaign also includes life-size cutouts of musicians spread around New York, Miami, and Los Angeles- Bruno Mars, Cardi B, and Camila Cabello to name a few. This campaign is a great balance of holiday cheer and hysterical content making it hard for consumers to pass the billboards without stopping to read the cheeky 2018 goals.


               In 1996, Mars released a television commercial where Santa faints dead when he suddenly encounters the “living” M&M "spokescandies". This was a classic commercial that left viewers wondering what happened next. 21 years later, the Mars brand has created a sequel that picks up from where the 1996 tale leaves off. In this new commercial the yellow M&M embarks on a journey to save Christmas after he literally scared the life out of Santa Claus. This 90 second campaign aired on NBC during the annual Christmas Tree Lighting broadcast from Rockefeller Center which helped get it a ton of attention right off the bat. Bringing back an ad concept from the past is a great way to tie in the nostalgic feeling many people have over the holiday season. There are also a ton of visual highlights to this campaign that make it one commercial you won’t want to miss this season.

               Apple aims to enchant their viewers with a magical and romantic commercial featuring two professional dancers who are actually married in real life. The commercial follows a woman walking down a snowy street playing music from her IphoneX when she suddenly runs into a handsome stranger. The woman then puts one of her Apple AirPods into his ear, creating a connection that enables them to move and dance together. At the end of the commercial it is revealed that none of this actually happened and they are still simply strangers who bumped into each other, but who felt the tug of what could be. Finally, Apple leaves us with a concluding message “move someone this holiday" tying the entire scene together. This commercial is called “Sway” and it is meant to be a heartwarming story that promotes Apple products while also creating a whimsical moment for viewers to enjoy.

               The holiday season is the season of giving which is why it is extremely important for brands to come up with creative and memorable holiday campaigns that draw customers in. Whether brands bring comedic relief or pull at the heartstrings of their consumers, it is important to stand out among the endless other holiday ads being aired. So, if you want to be successful this holiday season, take notes from brands like Spotify, Mars, or Apple and come up with unique advertisements that still encompass the spirit of the holidays.