October is my favorite month for one reason, Halloween. A holiday where everyone dresses up in crazy costumes and get as much candy as possible, what could be better? Nothing. Halloween is not only an awesome holiday for consumers, but it is also a great holiday for advertisers and marketers. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

               Last year, Fanta came up with a Halloween campaign that worked so well they are resurfacing it again this year. Coca-Cola, the company behind Fanta, had the idea to use on-package promotions with QR codes that lead to exclusive Snapchat lenses and filters. This campaign, which is clearly targeted towards millennials, works as a great incentive for customers to purchase Fanta over other similar products. Fanta is not only using QR codes to draw in customers, but they also gave their products a facelift. Similar to last year’s campaign Fanta has teamed up with illustrator Noma Bar to bring to life popular monsters on their cans. Alongside QR codes and funky designs, Fanta invested in a Halloween campaign that culminates in a host of activities all centered on a ghoulish virtual reality experience that is set in a crashing elevator. Virtual Reality is always a draw for consumers and this horror themed experience is bound to get people talking during the holiday season.

               Another beverage company taking advantage of the Halloween spirit is Strongbow Cider. Strongbow decided to work in conjunction with pubs and bars and release point-of-sale kits that include decorations, beer mats, and more to get people excited about their product. This campaign is extremely important for Strongbow because many consumers consider it a summertime drink. Working with bars and pubs to get their product noticed is not only great for business but will also help them make strong relations with local companies.

               Lastly let’s look at Burger King. In their new Halloween campaign Burger King makes fun of their competitor McDonald’s. This all started with the premier of IT, the terrifying Stephen King remake that has taken the world by storm. Burger King capitalized on the fact that the main character in this movie is a creepy clown, like Ronald McDonald, and is incentivizing their customers to choose BK over McDonald’s by offering free Whoppers to the first 500 people who use the hashtag #ScaryClownNight and come into any of their locations across the country dressed in a clown Halloween costumes. BK has been on fire with some really outside the box ad campaigns and to be honest, the funniest and most successful have been at McDonald’s expense.

               Year after year Halloween has proven to be a great holiday for advertisers and marketers to capitalize on. Whether through VR or hashtag campaigns, everyone loves a good scare! In conclusion, if you are a brand trying to spice up your advertising why not take advantage of the Halloween spirit. As I like to say, if you got it, haunt it!