Do you care about what’s in your food? Most people do. Roughly a year ago, then First Lady Michelle Obama and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the Nutrition Facts Label’s first big makeover in 20 years. Some of these changes include: including grams of “added sugars” as well as the percentage of recommended daily limit that the amount comprises, making the serving size more closely reflect the actual amount that people typically eat, updating the daily recommended limits for things like sodium, fiber, and vitamins, and more.

            Although all these new nutrition labels sound great, will food manufacturers ever step up their game and change? Originally the FDA gave all food manufacturers a 2 year deadline, saying by 2018 everyone should have their labels updated. Now, as we rapidly approach 2018, the deadline for the new labels has been moved back indefinitely. Creating an extension with no deadline has upset a lot of people, CSPI actually issued a statement saying “with its delay of menu labeling, the FDA will end up denying consumers critical information they need to make healthy food choices in a timely manner,” and many consumers feel they are being cheated because they were promised important information that they now may never get.

               Although most food manufacturers have not updated their nutrition facts, the few large companies that have, have not gone unnoticed. Hersey’s is one of these manufacturers. As a whole Hershey’s has been quite diligent about getting the new labels on as many of its products as possible. According to Gina Shroy, the senior manager on Hershey’s product team, Hershey’s Kisses were the first candy to hit shelves with the updated label. Hershey’s wants to be as transparent as possible with their products to make it easy for customers to know more about the foods they are about to eat. Not only has this mentality gotten Hershey's good publicity, but it is also in the best interest for all of our health; which is why I strongly feel that all food manufacturers should be on board with updating their nutrition labels as well.