GM, or genetically modified foods have been controversial for as long as they have been around. Although many GM crops have been proven safe, many people still don’t feel comfortable consuming food altered by chemicals that they don’t know anything about. The fact that most people are unsure about the health and safety of GM products didn’t stop AquaBounty Technologies from selling the first ever genetically modified animal to Canadian retailers, restaurants, and food service operators. This genetically modified animal is salmon. These fish can reportedly grow twice as fast as conventionally farmed salmon, reaching adult size in 18 months as compared to 30 months. AquaBounty was actually approved in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration in 2015 but within weeks was ban on the import and sale of GM fish until labeling guidelines were established; which is why the public reaction to AquaBounty selling to stores in Canada has not gone over well. This bad reaction has actually led some Canadian retailers to publicly distance themselves from the product. It will be interesting to see if AquaBounty can come back from their rocky start and use their moment in the spotlight to set the tone for other genetically modified food down the line. As of now, it is not looking good for the future of AquaBounty and genetically modified salmon, people are too scared of the unknown, especially when it comes to what they are eating. What are your thoughts on genetically modified salmon, would you try one?