Thought this was an interesting article yesterday in the NY Times (, about Virtual Reality and its future as part of the media and entertainment mix.  I recently received a pair of VR goggles (thanks Samsung) and have tried several of the apps, all with amazement and apprehension at the same time. The full immersion capabilities are ridiculous and, depending on the quality of the video, it really does feel like you are inside the experience.  The applications this could have, from E-Learning, visiting colleges, building kitchens/restaurants, seeing venues, going to concerts and everything in between, makes it hard to argue this won’t forever change our world at some point.  That said, the introverted nature of VR has tremendous risk for our next generations and if we aren’t careful, the art of conversation, shaking a hand and looking someone in the eye, will be lost forever.   

From a food & drink perspective, this gets a bit more complicated.  As the article highlights, when you have VR goggles on, you lose the ability to use your hands and obviously can’t eat virtual food, which is an essential part of the food & drink experience.  VR will  be an incredible tool for meeting planners to see venues, consumers to be immersed into certain food based TV shows (imagine Anthony Bourdain travel show in VR!), transparency in the food process (see where your food was grown/made) and some education content, but I will be very curious to see how the technology evolves to a place where people can use their hands while being immersed in the content as well (despite articles below).  Until then, keep your hands safe from cuts, the houses intact (don’t burn them down) and keep the VR goggles off when in the kitchen.

Here are a few more good articles to check out. - this is crazy!