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As the old adage goes, “when you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.  No one embodies that ideal quite like Jabin Troth of Licensed to Distill. 

Likening his first true experience in the craft cocktail scene to walking into Disneyland for the first time, Jabin’s passion for craft cocktails and the culture within has been a truly life changing experience.

Born out of a genuine love (some may call it an obsession) for the scene and a desire to share his journey with the world, Jabin started Licensed to Distill in 2016, an Instagram page documenting his discovery of all things cocktail related. 

In just over two years, Jabin has grown his Licensed to Distill brand into one of the most followed spirit-based content destinations, while also establishing himself as a true social media expert. 

Through it all, Jabin remains humble and true to his roots. One might think that after skyrocketing to more than a million followers, getting the attention of the biggest players in the spirits industry, becoming a sought-after social media consultant for blue-chip brands like WhislePig Whiskey – in less than two years’ time— would give him a bit of an ego. But Troth is just a regular dude, married with two children, living in Southern California, and eternally grateful for every opportunity that comes his way.

He just happens to be a huge fan of incredible-looking cocktails, the people and techniques behind them, and broacasting their stories for the world to see.