Bringing together 80+ NYC Chefs & restaurants, The New York Jets, 10 live bands and thousands of fans,  50YL was one of the premier hospitality destinations during Super bowl 48


Create a one-of-a-kind Super Bowl VIP and brand platform which fuses together Food, Football and Music in a way like never before.


“The 50 Yard Lounge” – the premier 2014 Super Bowl VIP hospitality destination in NYC featured 80 of the best local Chefs and restaurants, live music or DJs, and current NFL players and Legends such as HOF Cris Carter, Mike Greenberg & Mike Golic, Joe Thiesmann, Doug Flutie and Matt Light, to name a few.

Located across the street from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station (33rd street and 8th avenue), 50YL transformed Lugo Café, Local West, and Lucy’s Cantina into a vibrant, energetic destination filled with greenery, lounge furniture, multiple bars and branded sponsor experiences. Lugo Café became the “Jets House” which was the premier destination for the extended Jets community. The central area connecting all three restaurants was tented and heated and featured a 60’ stage where Chefs & Athletes did culinary demonstrations and DJs or live bands played throughout the day/night.

There were up to 8 food stations placed throughout the venue where restaurants and/or well- known Chefs were serving their delicious creations. Some of the attending chefs included Mi- chael White, Marc Forgione, Bill Telpan, George Mendes, Johnny Iuzzini, and Brad Farmerie. Chefs were paired with athletes to create dishes and talk football, creating an experience that went beyond the traditional culinary demonstration and meet & greet.

The music at 50YL focused on highlighting local New York City bands that ranged from singer-songwriters to street performers and was a smash hit across the board. To top it all off, Doug Flutie and the Flutie Brothers played an impromptu 45-minute set Saturday night to cap off the amazing week live performances and DJ sets.


  • 50 Yard Lounge became one of the premier 2014 Super Bowl VIP hospitality destinations in NYC - fusing the football, culinary, music and corporate communities like never before and highlighting the characteristics that make NYC one of the best places in the world

  • Featured more than 80 of the best chefs and restaurants in NYC throughout the week, ranging from Iron Chefs and Michelin-rated restaurants, to the top street food vendors and pizza joints

  • Home to the NY Jets Super Bowl hospitality venue, the “Jets House” during the week

  • Via advertising and PR, 50 Yard Lounge garnered more than 1 BILLION impressions

  • Secured corporate partnerships with NY Jets, USA Today, ESPN Radio, Celebrity Cruises, Rums of Puerto Rico, Jim Beam, Nespresso, Fiji Water, 888 Poker, Klipsch, California Almonds, Breville, The Daily Meal and others

  • More than 4,000 guests throughout the week

  • Featured in publications such as the Associated Press, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Bloomberg TV, Fox News, The Daily Meal, and hundreds more

  • Top fight live music from rising stars such as Catey Shaw, Larry Gee, Kate Davis, William B. Johnson and the Drumatics and a special guest performance by Doug Flutie and the Flutie Brothers Band